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Aurora Lawn Care Service – How can we make you smile?

Do You Need Lawn Care In Aurora?

Hello fellow Aurora Neighbors…and Welcome to Erbert Lawns specializing in Lawn Care and weed control for the Aurora community.

Aurora is one of our favorite areas to work in because we actually live in this community.  We’re proud to call it our home.  

Aurora Lawn Care…Why does this community love their lawn?

Have you ever wondered why we Americans love their lawns so much?  I have worked in this industry almost my entire life and sometimes can’t believe the number of people who call us for lawn care in Aurora.  Is it because in a community like Aurora, lawn care is important because the Home Owner Association will not allow you, the home owner, to have a lawn with tons of weeds in it?  Or is it that we want our neighbors to have lawn envy and tell us that our lawn is the greenest, thickest weed free lawn they have ever seen?  Or is it that we just think that grass is cool and beautifies our property?  Maybe it’s because it’s not just a lawn…it’s where you and your family make memories.  Whatever the reason, we are happy to help you make your lawn green, thick and weed free. 

Aurora Lawn Care Can Be Challenging With the Type of Soil We Have

Erbert Lawns understands the unique soil and turf conditions in Colorado.  Colorado is full of that “not so wonderful” clay soil that makes growing thick, green weed free lawns challenging at times.  That’s why we use a specific fertilizer formulated for the unique Aurora lawn care conditions.  

Lawn Care in Aurora Can Be Simple

It’s really not that difficult to have a beautiful lawn.  First, just like the human body, it starts with a good diet.  The better you eat the better you look and feel…Right?  Erbert Lawns uses a high quality fertilizer; we even supplement the fertilizer with other organic matter to help increase the quality of the fertilizer.  Sure it may cost us more, but the long term results are outstanding.  

Best Watering Practices for Lawn Care in Aurora

After you feed the lawn some high quality fertilizer, you need to give it a drink.  Lawns love water and need a lot of it, again, just like us humans.  The amount of water your lawn needs depends on the time of year, the temperature and the amount of sunlight it receives during the day.  Your lawn will tell you when it’s thirsty…Just take a look, your lawn can talk to you.  If your grass is thirsty, it will start to look peaked or an undesirable green color.  If it looks like it needs water, the lawn probably does.  As a general rule when setting up your sprinkler system, I recommend you run the small spray sprinkler heads 15 minutes a zone twice a day, three days a week and the large rotary sprinkler heads 30 minutes a zone twice a day three, days a week.  Remember that is just a starting point and will depend on the factors listed above.  The watering part of your lawn is where we rely on you, the customer heavily.  You’re the only one that can control the lawn watering schedule, while we’re happy to do the lawn care.

Aurora Aeration Using Our Core & Liquid Aeration Services

Aurora lawns get compacted all year long from snow, activities, and a variety of things. This compact soil prevents water and nutrients from properly reaching your lawn’s root system. Core aeration is done by pulling 2″-3″ plugs from the ground to loosen it up. Liquid aeration is done with a product that is sprayed over the lawn. This creates a bunch of microscopic holes. These tiny holes make your lawn a sponge for nutrients.

In the past, we only offered core aeration however liquid aeration is a new capability for our Aurora aeration service. We think liquid aeration works better for your lawns for the long term so we recommend it over core. 

Aurora Lawn Care Mowing Education

Next is proper mowing.  The longer you cut the grass, the healthier the grass plant will be.  A normal cutting height is between 2 1/2” – 3 1/2”.  On the lower end of the cutting height, the lawn will have that crisp clean cut, but also require more water and not have that super dark green color.  At 3 1/2”, the lawn will be super healthy and super green requiring less water, but will look a little rough or uneven at times because it is cut so tall.  For the best looking lawn in Aurora, I recommend cutting at 3”.  It’s a nice compromise between a healthy lawn and a good looking cut.  Also, be sure to keep your mower blade sharp so you get a nice clean cut on the tip of the grass blade instead of a tear which causes that white tip look on your lawn.

What About Weed Control Along With Aurora Lawn Care Services?

Oh yes weeds.  For our lawn care customers at Erbert Lawns, weeds are a big concern.  Most people don’t want weeds in their lawn especially dandelions.  We do treat the lawn for weeds every time we visit your property.  Depending on the density of the weeds, we will spot treat or blanket treat the lawn to eliminate any unwanted weeds.  The best way to fight weeds is to plan for them before they pop out of your lawn.  We do this by getting your lawn healthy with great fertilizer, great watering and great mowing practices because a healthy lawn will fight out weeds on its own.  There is only so much space in the lawn and a healthy lawn will kick your weeds butt and send them packing to your neighbor’s yard.  The last step is to call Erbert Lawns now for the highest quality lawn care services in Aurora. 

Not only do we offer outstanding lawn care in Aurora, but also weed control in the rock and mulch beds

This service is often overlooked or an afterthought.  With this service, we treat the weeds and unwanted grasses that grow in your border beds.  As you probably know, if these beds are left unattended for too long, the weeds will take over.  The beds need weed maintenance just like your lawn on a monthly basis.  Be sure to ask Erbert Lawns not only about our lawn care services in Aurora but also our weed control in the border beds.

Erbert Lawns services the Aurora area. We offer lawn fertilization, weed control, aeration, and more. Relax, let us take care of your lawn! Request pricing now!

Feel free to call or text us at 303-948-6631 and speak with our customer service department to learn about lawn service options in your area.

  • In an industry of unreliability, these guys are the exception. They provide consistent quality work at a more than fair price.

    Danner T
  • Erbert Lawns has taken exceptional care of our lawn services for the past few years, and we can give no higher rating than pure excellence in everything they do. They are the best!

    Dave C
  • We recently moved to Castle Rock in July. We needed a lawn service and Erbert Lawns responded quickly and professionally. They do a great job and are very reliable. Additionally, they have excellent customer service.

    Kelly Beatty Castle Rock, Co
  • Thank you for the great service and always calling us back quickly when we leave a message with questions or concerns.

    Bobby Priest Littleton, CO
  • The person who comes to my house is very professional. Thanks for your help.

    Loretta Attard Highlands Ranch, CO
  • I have tried three other companies before I found Erbert Lawns. They are extremely reliable, and give me the best service.

    Catherine Smith Highlands Ranch, CO
  • The guys that did the lawn this year did a great job!

    Ron Harris Highlands Ranch, CO
  • Working with Erbert Lawns has been an easy and quite satisfying experience. They arrive on scheduled day without fail (barring rain), and with autopay on file, I don't have to be home or do anything else but enjoy my lawn.

    Cathy M
  • Thanks for your excellent service.

    Vern Plotts Littleton, CO
  • I should have done this years ago.

    Alice Marris Highlands Ranch, CO

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