Why should I choose your lawn care company?

  •  A live person will answer the phone, and if you do happen to get our message system during business hours we guarantee a phone call back to you within 30 minutes.
  • We don’t force you to go to our website to communicate with us; we WANT to talk to you! If it is more convenient for you to chat with us on the internet you may do so on Facebook, email, or visit our website. Whatever works for you!
  • We show up. It sounds simple, but it really means a few different things here at Erbert Lawns. Not only will we show up on the day the service is scheduled, but remember that phone answering promise? Our Customer Loyalty Team is here for you from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. We promise. Need us to come back for any reason? Our team will come back and fix anything that isn’t to your satisfaction. Still not happy? It’s free. Now that is simple!

When do you start and end services?

We start our spring services after March 15th  and finish for the season in early November. We will accept new customers at any point during the season!

Is there any other way to pay besides using a debit or credit card?

  • The ONLY other way is to PAY FOR ENTIRE SEASON WITH CHECK. There will be no checks/cash accepted unless it is for the whole season.

What services do you offer?

Do you perform any mowing services?

  • Unfortunately, we do not! Please reach out to our friends at MowtimePro for assistance!

If I don’t want services for the whole season, how do I cancel?

  • We request customers agree to a season-long commitment for all services. Please call us in the office if an issue arises so we can discuss your options. Please note that our service is continuous. We will return each year unless you notify us by writing or by phone of your desire to discontinue service.

Do you work on holidays like Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day?

  • Yes! Our lawn care company works on all holidays, weather permitting so that we can keep on schedule.

Do you work on weekends?

  • Generally no, the only time we will schedule work on the weekends will be due to a rain delay situation where we weren’t able to service all of our customers by the end of day on Friday. It’s important for us to make sure that no customer is left without service.

Do you carry workman’s comp and liability insurance?

  • Yes, you are protected.

Do you use illegal immigrants?

  • No, all employees are legal.

Is this a contract or can I cancel at any time?

  • The price is based on a full year commitment. Although we ask that you give us the opportunity to service the property for the entire season, you are not under any contract and can cancel at any time. We want the opportunity to tailor our service to your specifications and earn your business each visit.
    ** New customers that sign up and receive their first application of weed control and fertilizer for free and cancel before the end of the season will be charged full price for the first application.

What time are you coming?

  • We cannot commit to a time. It will be sometime during the scheduled day, weather permitting, during the hours of 7:30am-7: 00pm. There are so many variables (weather, traffic, length of grass) in the day for the team performing the service that we can’t commit to a time. If we are not able to make it to your property on the scheduled day due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be out the following day to complete the service.

What should I do with my dog?

  • We encourage our customers to keep their dogs off the lawn for at least 30 minutes after weed control and other liquid treatments are put down to ensure that they are dry. The lawn technicians do their best to keep gates closed but do not assume responsibility. Learn more about pet-safe fertilizing in our blog.

Do you sell or rent your customer mailing list or e-mail list?

  • No! All personal information is protected.

Is my credit card number safe with you?

  • Yes! We are PCI compliant as mandated by MasterCard, Visa and Discover guidelines. This means we comply with credit card security regulations.

What if the technician has damaged something on my property?

  • Please call the office as soon as you find the problem so we can identify the source of the problem and document a solution. It’s important that you call within 24 hours of your last service. If damage was caused by our technician we will make the repair for you. Call or text us at (303) 948-6631.

What if I am unhappy with my last application (or) I don’t think the crew serviced my property?

  • All of our technicians leave a door hanger on the front door to explain what services were performed. They will also leave a yellow flag in the front lawn only. If neither of these are present call the office right away and we will get the technician back out right away. If you notice the weeds are not dying call the office right away so we can perform a respray. Please keep in mind, it takes between 7- 14 days for the weeds to show death. If you call close to your next application we will be out as quickly as possible to complete your scheduled application.

What is the best method to communicate my special requests or issues?

  • Our Customer Loyalty Team is available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (during the season) to discuss any questions, concerns or requests you have. Please remember to notify the office of any and all information you want to be relayed to the crew so that it can go into the permanent notes on your account – then we can discuss those specifics with the crew.

Call or Text us anytime with questions at (303) 948-8831