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About Erbert Lawns

Professionalism you can trust since 1983

Welcome to Erbert Lawns, a professional lawn care company servicing the North and South Denver Metro communities. We provide lawn care services including fertilization, aeration and weed control.

Our lawn care experts help maintain a lawn that is not only picture perfect but healthy. Our Denver lawn care services are an investment that keeps you prosperous, raising your property value during a critical economic period. Local experience and our sole focus on lawn care is what makes our knowledgeable Denver lawn care professionals different! We understand the matchless requirements that impact Denver & the surrounding areas with regard to weather, seasons and maintaining beautiful lawns. We look forward to serving you and your lawn care needs.

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Our founder, Johnny Erbert started the company when he was 12 years old. His passion for incredible customer service and a fair price combined with decades of experience make for an incredible combination.

Johnny Erbert

Our Support Staff Superstars

  • Sierra
    Sierra General Manager - Manager of Chaos

    Sierra is who keeps the office grounded during the season of chaos. She always knows how to approach everything calmly and with a smile. She has a solution for everything, from stressed out office staff, to broken equipment, to awesome customer service, nothing breaks her spirit. She sets the bar for Erbert Lawns and makes the rest of the staff strive for excellence! If we know anything here, it’s that Sierra will always do her best, work hard and bring a smile to everyone around her!

  • Kelsey
    Kelsey Account Executive - Master of All Trades

    Kelsey has earned the title Master of All Trades because she really does it all! She is knowledgeable in all facets of our company and will take on any task, big or small, with a smile. She is so genuine and loves helping others which shows every day in the way she works with customers and all of us in the office. Kelsey is such an important piece in making the puzzle that is Erbert Lawns complete. Her humor and wit creates an atmosphere full off laughter and good times.

  • Monica
    Monica Account Executive - The Chameleon

    Monica is able to fit into any task or role, flawlessly. Whether it is answering phones, helping with projects or interacting with technicians, she can transition seamlessly into any task or project. She is very loyal, smart and quick-witted, which helps with her ability to flow throughout the office, unnoticed. She is a great part of our Erbert Lawns team because we know we can always depend on her to make customers smile, get things done and make us laugh. You never know which “Monica” you will get because she is great at so many things.

Controlling Broadleaf Weeds in Your Lawn

An ideal lawn in the Mile High City is composed entirely of Kentucky BlueGrass. This type of grass is plush and green, looks good and feels good on your toes. Broadleaf weeds are non-desirable plants that thrive in the same environment that your lawn does, but they are rough, tough and unsightly. Common types of […]

Do And Don’t: Summer Lawn Care For Your Denver Lawns

By Tyler Campbell Summer is the time of year to slow down, to sit, and watch the grass grow. But your grass won’t grow in this dry climate without the right kind of care, and can turn into a dry, brown patch in a matter of weeks. If you want a thick green lawn, you’ll […]

How to Control Crabgrass in Your Lawn

A lawn of Kentucky bluegrass is the most desirable grass species to have in Colorado. It’s soft and rich with color. Annual grasses like crabgrass can invade your lawn and make it rather unsightly. Knowing how to identify and control crabgrass in your lawn is important for maintaining the best looking lawn on the block […]

Identifying & Treating Grubs in Your Lawn

Nature is a wild place. There are creatures, plants and fungi cohabiting. Your lawn is a part of that ecosystem. A lawn lover puts in all this effort and time into their lawn so that when they see all the shiny green blades their heart burst with the bliss that comes with success after the […]