Winter mites damage lawns

Winter Mite Control

Want your lawn to be protected from tiny monsters over the winter?

Winter Mite Control is crucial to ensuring your lawn will come out of hibernation alive the following spring.

What Makes A Lawn At Risk For Mite Damage?

Colorado has been known to have very mild winters.

The dry air and warm temperatures make turf grass especially susceptible to damage from clover mites.

If the temperature is consistently around 40 degrees for several days at a time November through March, we highly recommend adding the Winter Mite Control program to your lawn care package

How Do You Know If A Lawn Has Mite Damage?

The unfortunate truth is that you may not know until the following spring when a lawn stays yellow rather than turning green, even with fertilizer.

Often, cases of mite damage are mistaken for winter kill.

Utilizing our Winter Mite Control program will get rid of mites in quick manner, almost instantly upon each application if the mites are present.

Winter Mite control is a preventative program. If mite damage or active mites are discovered in the spring it is too late to control them because the damage has already been done.

The only solution to restore areas damaged by mites is to re-seed or re-sod. We recommend our program to save you from this post-mite hassle.

We perform these services once a month November – March

  • Once-a-month lawn surface insect control application
  • Protection from insect damage during the winter months
  • No work needed on your part – the technicians will take care of everything
  • With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

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