Revive lawn care – the secret behind greener lawns

Revive Lawn Care – Wetting Agent

Is your lawn losing color or not responding to watering?

Revive lawn care is a service we provide to bring dried out lawns back to life! Using this natural organic soil treatment combined with the Weed Wipe-out and Fertilization program it will revive your lawn in midsummer when it is heat stressed and the soil temperatures are at their hottest.

This will help with water retention, saving you money on your water bill.

Revive breaks up the hard soils and allows water to penetrate deep into the roots (root health= lawn health). If you want to achieve a healthy root system, read our blog with some major tips for each season! Additionally, if you have a sunburnt lawn, here’s a blog with some more lawn care tips!

  • Breaks up or loosens hard soils by increasing water penetration and root activity.
  • Pay less on your water bill.
  • Less water run-off means a more eco-friendly lawn
  • Revive helps maintain the dark green color and thickness of the lawn, even through summertime heat and stress.

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