Johnny Erbert

Letter from our Founder

Thank you for considering us for your lawn care.  Your business is extremely important to us. We would be delighted to serve you by saving you time — and making your lawn look great.  We love caring for lawns, and hire team members who love the work too.  Over the years we’ve been in business, I have also enjoyed building strong personal relationships with our customers, some of whom have been with us more than 35 years!

John Erbert

It all started with a boy and his lawn mower


John started Erbert Lawns in 1983 in Lakewood at the age of 12. He grew up in a family where if you wanted the extras in life, you had to earn them. He wanted the extras but was too young to get a “real job,” so John started mowing lawns. He started with one lawn mower and a trimmer that was purchased with borrowed money from his father.

John soon realized that his service area was limited to just a few blocks. To solve the problem John and his dad built a bicycle with a side hack and a trailer so he could mow more lawns and increase his service area. With his new service area, John was able to pay off his father and start his entrepreneurial journey.

Wanting to expand the operation John Erbert hired friends to drive before he was able to legally drive. He ran his business aggressively through high school and college, always trying to schedule early classes so he could be out of school by noon to start mowing lawns. While other students were relaxing and socializing after school, John was rushing home to load up the trailer to cut grass.

After college, he remembers someone asking him “When are you going to get a real job?” This was a turning point for John when he realized he’d already found his passion and “real job” — as an entrepreneur running a business he loved. He was inspired to take the work more seriously, learning all he could about the industry, and he hasn’t stopped since.

But John will tell you today that his company is not in the lawn care business – it’s really in the business of saving people time. Unlike money, once you spend a day, you can’t earn it back. The time you save by using our lawn service can be used for a priceless time with your family or other activities you truly enjoy in life.

Now with a few more team members and a lot more customers, Erbert Lawns continues to grow and serve thousands of people and lawns every week. As John Erbert says, “The fundamentals are the same when I started at age 12. Take care of the customer, take care of the team and the rest will take care of itself.”