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Pest Control Service | Perimeter Pest Control

Keep intruders & insecticides out of your home

Erbert Lawns pest control service is focused on keeping pests away from the most sacred place on this earth, your home.

The word “Home” emulates a feeling that we all know. Your home is your safe haven. It is the only place that is completely and truly only for your family. Family can be anything, but most people do not include pests into the category of family. Pests like ants, cockroaches, spiders, and other bugs are not only annoying, but they can be potentially harmful to you and your family. They carry diseases and toxins that are a threat. The worst thing about pests is that, for the most part, when there is one there are others close by. Once they are in your home, it is hard to get them out.

Erbert Lawns Pest Control Service

Why not prevent the pests from coming in with our pest control service and living rent free? Make it known that they are not welcome, and will not be any time soon. At Erbert Lawns, we share this idea. At our own home, and for others, we want to keep these pests out. So we have added a new service on to our list to help your home be more comfortable and enjoyable, and we know that your time is valuable. With the perimeter pest control we can work your schedule, as you do not have to let us in the home. Everything is done on the outside of the home, just as the name says.  It is a four application service, where the trained technician comes out and sprays around the perimeter, around window wells, and first floor windows to prevent pests from entering into your home. Each application costs $75.00, and we give you our guarantee that we treat each home like it is our own.

  • Helps keep unwanted pests from invading your home
  • Application is virtually odorless, colorless, and has a very low toxicity to your family and pets
  • Isn’t harmful to soil, flowers, bushes, or lawns
  • Helps to control many different types of pests
  • Takes place outdoors – this keeps insecticides out of your home and out of your living space.

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