When To Fertilize The Lawn In Colorado

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When searching when to fertilize the lawn in Colorado you will find a lot of conflicting articles across the web. Some will say there are only certain seasons or cycles that you should be fertilizing. Another thing almost all the articles talk about different nitrogen levels to use as well.  The weird part is none of these articles are wrong at all. There are different ways to get the same beautiful lawns, some are just more effective than others.

How We Fertilize Lawns In Colorado

Erbert Lawns is different than your average lawn care company because we monitor your lawn on a monthly business and are proactively treating your lawn. We fertilize lawns almost year round (excluding winter) because our lawn care treatments are more than just fertilizing. When we come out to care for your lawns we’re looking to provide anything with the lawn needs. Whether that’s fertilizer, weed control, overseeding, or aeration; we’re ready to do whatever’s necessary for the healthiest lawn.

Our Fertilizers

We’re obviously not doing all those things every time we come out but fertilizing is one of the biggest. The interesting thing is that we have multipurpose fertilizers. One of the multipurpose fertilizers we use has built-in weed control. Pretty regularly, we will use this fertilizer throughout the season to catch damaged spots up to the rest of the lawn. Another interesting fertilizer we use is a pest control one! This one is great to restore any parts of the lawn that were damaged by pesky pests!

Another product we use is called Hydra-Hume. This product really isn’t a fertilizer, it’s almost like a fertilizer booster. It is sprayed in between fertilization treatments to increase their effectiveness. Hyrdra-Hume allows for nutrients to flow through the lawn more efficiently.

So When Really Is The Best Time To Fertilize 

If you’re still wondering when to fertilize the lawn in Colorado just remember a one-time fertilization treatment isn’t really best for your lawn as compared to treating it regularly. However, if that’s the route you have decided to go, the best time to fertilize in Colorado is during the fall. Fertilizing in the fall is the best because it allows the root system to develop in the cooler months before winter. If you were to fertilize in the spring, the root system wouldn’t develop enough before the summer heat.

The best time for most lawn care treatments is in the fall. Fertilizing goes best with aeration and overseeding. This combination of lawn service with year-round maintenance is the perfect way to keep a lawn happy and healthy! If you’re interested in learning more about our services contact us here or at (303) 948-6631 :)!

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