A Great Lawn Is More Than Just Landscaping

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A beautiful lawn takes a lot more than just watering regularly. Landscaping, lawn maintenance, and lawn care are the three pillars of what can be described as the pinnacle of lawns. Some homeowners like to take a hands-on approach to all three, while others prefer to outsource it all. In this blog, we’re going to talk about what each one entails so you can decide if you need help with anything.


Landscaping is when a yard is designed to be attractive. This is done by adding or removing ornamental features, tree, and shrubs to alter its design. So, the people with roses and lawn gnomes are landscapers! They might not be professionals but they are certainly landscaping their lawn. Landscaping can be considered one of the first steps to the best lawn. (Technically, you can have a great lawn and design it afterwards but it’s better to plan beforehand.)

The best way to understand what landscaping is, let’s examine the picture below:

This is the typical landscaping style you can find throughout the English countryside. Regardless if you’re from Colorado, England, or even Japan. Your lawn is a representation of you and your culture, landscaping reflects this. What’s important to remember is that even with a beautifully designed lawn, like the one above, without proper maintenance it loses its luster quickly.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance is the process of regularly taking care of your lawn for things that will always be expected. For example, in the photo above the grass is overgrown and the shrubs aren’t trimmed. Mowing a lawn, and buzzing shrubs would be considered maintaining a lawn because you’re always going to have to do it. If you don’t it will always grow back.  The only lawn maintenance service we offer is weed removal, but this can be considered as lawn care with our approach to it.

Lawn Care

Even if a lawn is well maintained, it still might not look it’s best. Cutting the grass, and watering regularly doesn’t do everything to promote a healthy root system. A healthy root system is the key to getting a thick, lush, beautifully green lawn.

Lawn care is what Erbert Lawns specializes in because it’s often what Colorado’s front range homeowners need help with the most. This is because high altitude, low humidity, and higher sun absorption are taxing for a lawn. We are proactively treating and preventing common issues like sun spots, weeds, thin grass, etc. This is done by having our lawn techs regularly give your lawns examination and services on the spot. We offer aeration, weed removal, fertilization, overseeding, and mite control to help keep your lawns healthy and looking their finest.

Here is an example of one of our lawns that we just stopped by recently! I’ll admit, the landscaping doesn’t look the same as the English estate.  But do you see how beautiful that lawn looks by being maintained well, and having us properly care for it?


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