Getting the Lawn Ready for Spring

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Hello Coloradoans,

The day could not have been more beautiful. The temperature was perfect, and the sunset was stunning. If the weather keeps up like this Spring will be here before we are ready. However, if we are mentally ready or not there are some ways that you can make the lawn ready so once the season starts it will already be taken care of.

One of the first things to do is fertilize. Our Weed Wipeout Program is the perfect way to start the lawn off. The fertilization wakes the lawn up, and because the weather fluctuates our Lawn Specialist will make sure that weeds do not even have a chance. The fertilizing will make strengthen the root system which means that while the temperatures continue to go in and out of waves the root system will be able to withstand more.

Putting tree guards on trees early means that you get it done and out of the way. It also means that our string trimmer will cause no harm to the trunk of the tree. Remember that this is most essential for trees that have just been planted or young trees that have just started growing.

If possible remove any snow or debris as soon as possible. Although right now the lawn is still dormant this will help the lawn breathe and receive all the sunlight and oxygen that it can before the season starts.

Also, set up an aeration. We love to take care of all aspects of the lawn so contact us now and get an aeration set up. This accompanied by that first application from the Weed Wipeout Program will strengthen the root system of the lawn to it’s absolute best. We are looking forward to helping you in any way that we can this season. Call us now because we are running some good promotions as well. This is the time to buy lawn care.

Have a great weekend.

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