Snow Benefits

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Colorado has been getting hit hard with the snow. A drive home that normally take approximately 30- 40 minutes took almost two hours on Wednesday. The residents are ready for some sun and cooperative weather but the snow does actually bring some benefits to the lawn.

When the lawn is entirely covered in snow it acts as a natural insulator. It holds in heat that helps protect the root system. Without the snow, extreme freezing temperatures can penetrate further down in to the soil. The snow also keeps the temperature in the soil at a consistent temperature. It’s almost look freezer burn on meat. The more that it is exposed to thawing and freezing cycle causes nutrients to leave that will help the growth process once Spring comes.

One thing to keep in mind that when the snow falls and stays, many rodents and creatures that damage, burrow, or feed on the systems are inclined to go underground. If these creatures are in your area check to see where and if they are causing any damage to the lawn.

Finally, one last thing to note is that as the snow sits on the lawn it pulls on the nutrients down to the bottom of the root system, giving maximum benefits. In essence, the snow works like a natural fertilizer.

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