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Today is a beautiful day, although it is hard to have an ugly day in Colorado. All of next week is predicted to be higher in temperature but Winter is still here. There will be more snow, which means more snow shoveling, more plowing, and more of the salt that melts the snow. The snow affects everyone, those who love it and those who hate it.

I personally love the snow. I could not imagine having a winter without it. However, one thing I hate is the ice melt. That salt that sits on sidewalks and sticks to your shoes and has an unpleasant chemical odor is one of my least favorite things about Winter. However, I found a pin on Pinterest just last night that I will be trying once it snows again. If you have tried this or something like let us know on the Erbert Lawns Facebook page! We would love to hear what has worked and what hasn’t.

2cfddfce4be631e11b7b82c2c0a9ed97 This is the pin and it I discovered it from a fellow pinner but it can be found on theharrissisters.blogspot.com. The way that it is supposed to work is the dish soap is supposed to prevent re-freezing and the alcohol is supposed to make the snow melt faster. Now if you need some help with snow removal or cannot do it yourself a couple of great referrals that we work closely with is Peak Services and the phone is 303 997 8502 or Action Sprinkler Service 720 851 9765. Tell them that Erbert Lawns referred you and they will take great care of you. Have a great day!

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