The start of the 2015 season!

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Hello Everyone,

I hope the New Year finds you all happy and healthy. It is tradition to start off the New Year with a resolution, so this is ours. At Erbert Lawns we want to start our pre-season strong. Yes there is still snow on the ground, and the Rocky Mountain weather can still shift hourly from sunny to stormy, but our pre- season is in full swing We are applying the new changes that needed to be made to move our company forward. There are small resolutions like trying to become more paperless to big changes like re- vamping our lawn care.

We now have our Weed Wipeout and Fertilization Program that will benefit you and the lawn this season. The same trained specialist will get to know your lawn and the proper amount of both weed control and fertilizer that needs to be used to make your lawn green and weed- free all season long. We are reaching out to people at this time for a couple of different reasons. One, since it is the pre- season we have some great deals going on with the new program. We are including a free application of pre- emergent, a free application of Revive, and the lowest rates from 2014. Two, this time of the year allows us to spend more time with each person on the phone. It is not the busy season yet and we like to have candid and in- depth conversations with our customers. This time of the year allows us to do that.

If you would like to get signed up for lawn care, or if you have any questions or concerns about lawn care, or our services please call us. The phone number is 303 948 6631. This is the time, and we cannot wait to talk to you.


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