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Over the past 35 years that Erbert Lawns has been in business we have created density in certain areas of the Denver-Metro. As much as we would love to be able to provide service to every house in Denver, it’s just not possible.

Here is some history on why:
When Johnny started this business 35 years ago at twelve years old he just had a lawn mower and trimmer. Having only his own two feet to get his equipment around, Johnny was very limited to where he could service and only was able to take care of his neighborhood.

Wanting to expand his business and follow his dream of helping others, Johnny and his father built a trailer that his bike could pull. He now could service several neighborhoods and the young entrepreneur’s business continued to grow larger with each passing year.

With more clients to service, Johnny didn’t have enough time in his days to service everyone and began to hire employees as well as purchase company vehicles. This many customers required a more organized business plan. Routes were designed around where clusters of customers were located and the distance between the clusters and clients had a specific service day they knew when to expect Johnny or one of his associates. He now had a business running like a well-oiled machine!

Pretty soon Johnny’s mowing business was booming! He could no longer run the service out of his home and had to find an official office with a parking lot large enough to fit all of his company trucks and equipment. Erbert Lawns was really starting to get a reputation in the lawn mowing industry! His customers were telling their neighbors, friends, and family about the service. All of the Denver-Metro was calling for the service!

As happy as Johnny was for all the business, he soon learned that he could not give his customers the best service with such a wide spread area. He has always had a firm belief that quality is more important than quantity, if we weren’t taking care of the customer then someone else would.

Johnny sat down one day and took a look at all of his customers to find the most effective way to offer the best service possible. He began to group customers together by zipcode and in the end, some zipcodes had such a low customer volume that it wasn’t good for business to continue servicing them. It was always difficult to end a relationship with a customer, but Johnny had to remember what was most important.

Once density was created in specific areas Johnny began to expand his business in a different way. There was more than lawns needs than mowing. He began to look into lawn care. Limiting service to specific areas allowed Erbert Lawns to do more for our customers.

The lawn care side of the business began to take over and in late 2016 Johnny decided that Erbert Lawns would no longer offer mowing service and would specialize in lawn care. This was another tough business decision, but just like all of the decisions up to that point, it allowed us to take better care of the customer.

Knowing we can’t service everyone has encouraged us to do some research on the areas we do service. This allows us to assess the varying needs of different lawns all over the city. A lawn in Thornton is likely to have different needs than a lawn in Parker due to the elevation difference.

Each lawn care truck acts like its only miniature business. Each of our lawn scientists have designated areas that they work in. We keep our routes tight for more accurate scheduling, fuel efficiency, and so our technicians can get as much work done in a day as they can rather doing an overwhelming amount of driving in between stops. Our technicians learn the ins and outs of the lawns they see. This helps us determine if the products we are using are working for each lawn or if a new problem has started in the lawn.

Erbert Lawns also specializes in smaller lawns which has also helped create more density within our service. It would take our technicians a long time to blanket spray an acre worth of turf and they would likely run out of product in their trucks after only a few stops. As lovely and lush as these larger properties can be, they just aren’t for us. We don’t service certain zipcodes where many of the house are on huge lots.

There is a lot of thought that goes into deciding where a business like us chooses to service – we hope this blog has helped you understand our way of doing things a little better. 

Wondering if you are in our service area? Check out our area below!
(In order alphabetically)

If you live in Aurora, we service the zipcodes 80016, 80015, 80122, 80013, and 80018.
If you live in Broomfield, we service the zipcodes 80020 and 80023.
If you live in Castle Pines, we service the zipcode 80108.
If you live in Castle Rock, we service the zipcodes 80109, 80104, and 80108.
If you live in Centennial, we service the zipcodes 80111, 80016, 80015, 80122, and 80122.
If you live in Commerce City, we service the zipcode 80022.
If you live in Denver, we service the zipcodes 80241, 80234, 80123, 80227, and 80228.
If you live in Englewood, we service the zipcodes 80111 and 80112.
If you live in Henderson, we service the zipcode 80640.
If you live in Highlands Ranch, we service the zipcodes 80124, 80126, 80130, and 80129.
If you live in Lakewood, we service the zipcodes 80227 and 80228.
If you live in Littleton, we service the zipcodes 80123, 80127, 80128, 80126, 80129, 80130, 80124, 80125, 80122, and 80120.
If you live in Lone Tree, we service the zipcode 80124.
If you live in Morrison, we service the zipcode 80465.
If you live in Northglenn, we service zipcodes 80233 and 80234.
If you live in Parker, we service the zipcodes 80134 and 80138.
If you live in Thornton, we service the zipcodes 80602, 80241, and 80233.
If you live in Westminster, we service the zipcodes 80234, 80020, and 80023.

Please keep in mind that we won’t service every lawn in these zipcodes for various reasons. Also if you live on the border of one of the zipcodes we service, we may be able to service you! Call our office at 303-948-6631 with any questions!

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