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Some may wonder, “Why should I hire a lawn care company?”

We have been answering that question for 35 years, since our founder Johnny created this business when he was 12 years old.
There are several reasons why hiring a lawn care company is the best option for your lawn!

1) It’s Hassle Free!
DIY lawn care can be rewarding and help you bond with your lawn but it takes a lot of work, education, and commitment to achieve that lush green color you desire. If you hire us to care for your lawn, a trained lawn care professional (we call the Lawn Scientists) will be put in charge of all of your lawn care needs. Our technicians are thoroughly trained on all of our high quality products, their uses, and proper mixing techniques to ensure you are getting the correct amount applied to your lawn every single visit. No need for you to research and learn about the best products for Colorado turf, we have done that part for you!

2) Quick Diagnostics
Is there a funky area in the lawn with an unusual color? Are there grass patches that seemed to turn yellow over night? Is this cause due to disease or is there something that you did? When you dream of a beautiful lawn it can be heart breaking when you notice a problem. You can spend hours on Google trying to diagnose the issue. But if you are an Erbert Lawns customer using our Weed Wipe Out and Fertilization program you will get a FREE diagnostic with each visit, and upon request if needed. Our Lawn Scientists are trained to note give your lawn a thorough look over any time they are on your property, they may even notice something strange in your lawn before you do! Using their lawn care knowledge and tools they will make an action plan and share it with you if you are on site, or with the customer service representatives who will inform you by phone or email any issues in the lawn. If the Lawn Scientist isn’t 100% sure what is going and needs a 2nd opinion on they will take photos and/or a sample to share with other lawn care experts so a proper diagnosis can be made.

3) Give Yourself Some Time For Rest & Relaxation
In today’s world it seems like everyone is always busy. Between work, friends, family, me time, and other household projects that need attention, taking care of your lawn may be the last thing on your mind. But with HOAs and snarky neighbors your lawn is something that cannot be neglected. If you are already needing more hours in a day, how can you make time for your lawn? Hire us and you don’t have to stress over how to manage your time! We will take care of everything, the only thing we need from you is a proper watering schedule (which hopefully can be set up on an automatic process for you, and if it’s not we can recommend you to a great company who can help you with that). It’s that simple and then the time is yours!

4) Get a Lawn You Will Love
Not only do we use golf course grade products, have well trained Lawn Scientists, and give you back your weekends, we always guarantee that with our service (and proper watering) you will have a healthy, weed free, lush green, thick lawn. It will make your neighbors green with envy. You will have a place where you can get together with loved ones and feel proud about how great your lawn looks! A lawn is a place to make memories and we hope to help you with that!

That being said, call Erbert Lawns today and one of our smiling lawn care experts will help you create a customized lawn care plan today!

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