The Lawn Killers You Can’t See

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This past winter in the Denver metro area was very dry and warm. It snowed, but not often enough to keep the killers mentioned in the title at bay.

These killers are called mites. They appear in winter when the temperatures are above 40 degrees and there is little to no moisture in the air. They will feast on your lawn as long as they can get away with it. The worst part is that you may never even know that the mites are there until your lawn comes out of its winter hibernation in the spring.

The damage left by the mites can range from some thin and yellow areas to sections that are completely dead. The areas that are completely dead will not come back. The only solution for the dead areas is to re seed or re sod.
We have seen a great deal of mite damage in quite a few of our customer’s lawns this year and decided to create a program that will prevent mites from the start. We call it our Winter Mite Control Program, it consists of 4 treatments between November and February. Once a month we will come out and spray your lawn.

Our program with a combination of watering your lawn in the winter (if that is possible for you) whenever the temperatures reach over 40 degrees will prevent the mites from destroying the beautiful lawn that you love so much.
** Please do not water your lawn is freezing temperatures as this can cause damage in a different way.

We also offer Lawn Insecticide which can be used during the early spring (March and April) to control mites and in the summer (May through August) to control chinch bugs.

Call Erbert Lawns today and let us help you keep your lawn healthy any season of the year!

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