Soil Basics: Why Healthy Soil is Important

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Whenever you see a lush green lawn, the components that came together to achieve this deep shade lies below what you can see. Healthy soil, for grass or any other plant growing in it, is an ecosystem and the health of that ecosystem determines whether life can thrive there or not.

The Mile High City, as well as most of Colorado, does not have great soil. Our soil here is composed mostly of clay. Clay soil tends to be slightly alkaline and void of nutrients. There are plenty of wild plants in Colorado that grow very well in this soil. Your lawn is unfortunately not one of these wild plants. Fear not lawn lovers, you know a beautiful lawn is doable.

What can you do to improve your soil conditions?

If you are starting from scratch, say you just moved into a new home and want to set your lawn up for success, then you’ll want to start with an aeration. When soil conditions are poor the soil tends to be hard and compacted. An liquid aeration will loosen up the soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of your lawn more efficiently.

At Erbert Lawns we offer liquid aerations. Unlike the traditional method of pulling out plugs, we use a product that when applied to a lawn will gently penetrate the thatch layer and work its way down deep into the soil. The liquid aeration contains good stuff like humic acid and sea kelp to encourage lawns to be green and healthy.

The next best thing to get your soil healthy is to add organic matter. This is often done through the application of fertilizer. The three main ingredients in a fertilizer are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.


This is considered to be the most essential component of fertilizer. Happy grass is green grass. Adequate nitrogen is going to give you a wonderful green lawn. Out of all three main ingredients in fertilizer this is the one that gets consumed the most. If you were to fertilize your fruits or vegetables, the nitrogen is what allows nutrients to be made in the fruit. These nutrients are what your body uses as fuel when you eat the fruit.


This is a nutrient in fertilizer that the lawn slowly absorbs over time. With adequate phosphorus intake lawns, and other plants, are able to store energy more efficiently. They also maximize the potential from photosynthesis.


This is the nutrient in fertilizer that makes the plant hardy. Adequate potassium intake makes your lawn more resistant to disease and times of stress from drought or high heat.

Once soil conditions are improved, you’ll begin to see a surplus of changes in your lawn. Healthy soil leads to a robust root system which aids in retention of nutrients. Healthy soil also creates an overall improved flow throughout. This aids in sufficient retention of moisture, proper drainage, and pockets for aeration. Desirable soil will attract microorganisms that are beneficial in maintaining soil health as well.

Without healthy nutrient rich soil you aren’t likely to get a green lawn. Call or text (303-948-6631) Erbert Lawns today to get our experts on your lawn today! Our liquid aeration in combination with our Weed Wipe-Out and Fertilization Program will get you on your way to a green lawn all year during the growing season.

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