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Where you put your money matters. Supporting small local businesses, such as a local lawn care company, is one of the best ways for you as the consumer to invest in your community and boost your local economy.

Purchasing a shirt from a small shop across the street rather than a large cooperate company helps a parent put food on the table for their kids.

Grabbing a bite at a hole in the wall restaurant allows you a taste of cherished family recipes. These can come from culinary artists and have been passed down for generations.

Each local business is unique and has a story to tell. They also have a history worth sharing and passion behind everything they do. These individuals are your neighbors and doing business with them nurtures their dreams of success. When they succeed, everyone around them does too! The man or woman behind the counter at local shops will become a familiar face, and even possibly your friend.

Shopping local doesn’t just apply to crafts and consumables, there are also local companies that offer a service to their communities.

A local lawn care company will take care of your lawn just like they would their own. Whether it be a dry winter, a sopping wet spring, a blazing summer without a cloud in the sky, or an autumn that comes too soon, your local lawn care company lives that with you.

They have spent years formulating the finest recipes for feeding their own lawn and want to share that with you. The company knows what kind of pests and disease affect the grass in your area. They’ll also know what the ideal time of day to water is. They are familiar with when the seasons actually change and don’t blindly follow the seasonal guidelines of the calendar. To put it simply, they know their stuff. They work where they live and they live where they work.

So how do you know what local company is the best?

1) Learn their story!

Many companies share their history of how they came to be on their website in the About Us. If they don’t, ask them. When someone loves what they do you can hear it in their voice, see it in their eyes and watch them light up with a smile. If someone owns a business they are usually pretty passionate about their work and are ready to shout from the heavens about how and what they do is an expression of their soul.

2) Ask tough questions.

A company that is in the top tier of their field will have answers to most questions related to what they do. If they don’t have the answer right off the bat, they will find one. They will have a committed and professional attitude when it comes to solving problems. Being knowledgeable in what they do is a must and you’ll feel confident in the advice you’re given.

3) Your day improves just from talking to them.

Have you ever called up a company to inquire about their products or services and all you get is a snarky attitude from someone who can’t be bothered to help you? I think we all have. A company that is the best will have team members who endeavor a personal connection with you and are happy to help. You’ll be left feeling warm and fuzzy inside knowing your hard earned cash is going to a company that values you. You’ll be stoked to share the details of your pleasant conversation with others.

4) This is probably the most important: you can be trust them.

A great company will perform exceptionally time and time again. What do their other customers have to say about them? Read reviews about the company. It is reassuring to see happy customers share their experience. It is however unrealistic for even the best of companies to have a happy customer every time. How a company responds to criticism is equally as important as consistency in their craft. Having respect and concern for those they have let down speaks volumes.

Next time you are in need of an item, see if you can buy it locally before adding it to your shopping cart. If you are in need of a service, such as a local lawn care company, call a family owned company rather than a 1-800 number. You can call Erbert Lawns at 303-948-6631. Help your community thrive!


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