What we do during the winter

 In Seasonal

Once the craze of the summer months dies down there is still much to be done in the office, and to prepare for the coming season. First the office gets a full deep clean. Everything is moved, wiped down, vacuumed up, trashed, or organized. This season it has also been decided to move to a more paperless form of work, so there is much that must be rearranged or entered into the computer. The fall also means that for you as the customer the lawn is going dormant and the weeds are dying out and in control.

However, early Spring they will rear their ugly heads and start their pursuit over the lawn once more. Call us this Winter to schedule your weed control and other lawn care needs. The lovely office girls will be here and happy to take your call. Also by calling in the Winter you are sure to avoid the wait time for those who call at the start of Spring to get all their orders taken in. We would love to talk to you and get your services ready for the coming season.

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