Weed Control: Choose the best program for your needs!

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If you’re someone whose lawn is in a constant battle with weeds, you know the feeling of looking out your window and being disappointed and frustrated with what you see. It’s maddening when you’ve worked so hard to polish your lawn, landscape it, and plant flowers and trees to make it beautiful, only to have weeds creep in like an acne breakout! It’s not too late to take back control of your property and make it beautiful again! Look below at our cheat sheet for our weed control services to help decide what treatment is best for you!

Weed Control for Grass: Every 5 weeks, a skilled technician will be out to your property to apply a blanket spray of our weed control. This product is safe for grass, and will take care of broadleaf weeds like dandelions, sowthistle, and clover. The first one or two sprays will eradicate all weeds in your lawn, and we will continue to come out throughout the season to maintain your new, weed-free, beautiful lawn. This product is safe for kids and pets as soon as it dries – which takes about 30 minutes. Your tech will write the time of application on the tag on the door so you know when to let the kiddos out.

Weed Kill for Rock/Mulch Beds: Those buggers in the rock and mulch beds are even more determined to mar your lawn than lawn weeds are! To combat these leafy soldiers, we come out to spray every 3 weeks. Our skilled technician will spot spray leaves in all rock and mulch areas, and (if you request) in cracks in your driveway and pathways, in brick walls, or anywhere else those nasties grow. This product is NOT safe for grass or anything else living, so we will keep it far away from anything that you want to grow, and always err on the side of caution.

Weed & Feed Program: this is the creme de la creme of our programs at Erbert Lawns. Every 5 weeks, a specially trained technician will come out to your property to put down a blanket application of two amazing products: our natural, granular, time-release fertilizer, and our weed control spray, safe for grass. The BEST weed control is a healthy, dense lawn that crowds out weeds and doesn’t allow weeds to even sprout up. With this program, we eradicate broadleaf weeds like dandelions, sowthistle, and clover, and encourage thick, green growth for your whole property.

Hand-Pulling Weeds: Though this is not a service we offer, and a service not necessary with our sprays, I add it because although our programs are excellent, we recommend hand-pulling for weeds that are near flowers. Our technician will not spray close to flowers so we don’t risk killing them. If weeds are crowding your flowers or other wanted plants, it’s often best to attack them by hand so that you can exercise caution around your flowers.

When you decide on your perfect program, call us to sign up so we can get a technician out and start making your lawn beautiful!! 🙂

Emily <3

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