The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Lawn!

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It nearing the end of April and lawns all over the Denver Metro are coming out of hibernation. After months of sleeping, your lawn could use a breath of fresh air.

We are cursed with dry winters here in Colorado and that tends to compact soil, along with any use on the lawn during the previous growing season. What fun is a lawn if it doesn’t get used though? Give that lawn you love a spring treat, an aeration.

So what is an aeration? It’s when we take our machine (an aerator) over your turf and pull up plugs of soil. This process is beneficial to your lawn because it breaks up that compacted soil, allows air to get down to the roots so your lawn can breathe, and will help you get the most out of your fertilizer and water since there is less chance for run off.

An aeration will assist you in maintaining a healthy root system for your lawn which is ultimately its foundation. This will keep your lawn family friendly and fun all summer long!

Erbert Lawns is now doing aerations through early June. Call today to schedule!

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