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When it comes to getting rid of pesky weeds, many people flock to some form of a spray. Sprays are known to effectively control the weeds in your yard and can be used all year long, granted if you live somewhere with a real winter (like us here in Colorado), then the cold weather will take care of the weeds for you in those months.

So what is Roundup?
Roundup is a weed killer that also kills grass. It is very effective for rock and mulch beds. It will likely kill any plant that is growing where it has been sprayed. If grass has migrated from your lawn (and even invasive crabgrass) into your rock beds, you can get rid up it with Roundup. Although it has great benefits, it can be dangerous if used incorrectly (and even sometimes if you are using it properly). If you accidentally spray too close to bushes or your beautiful lawn, Roundup can and will kill them. You must be aware of runoff and the direction of the wind when using this product, as described above it is very powerful. Here at Erbert Lawns we do not use Roundup. It is too risky in our eyes and we cannot guarantee you a beautiful lawn with so many risks!

So what is Speedzone?
Just like Roundup, you can use Speedzone all year long (weather permitting of course). Speedzone is known to effectively kill weeds while keeping your lawn safe. In fact we use it here at Erbert Lawns in both the lawns and rock/mulch beds we service. It should kill over 90 different types of weeds! The only downfall is that along with weeds, most people also dislike crabgrass and this product does not kill any type of grass. Speedzone works great when you pair it with a pre-emergent (prevents grass seeds from germinating), which is what our company does. I have a post from earlier this month that goes in more in depth about crabgrass and pre-emergent treatment.

Both Speedzone and Roundup dry thirty minutes to an hour when sprayed. Once dry, they are safe for children and pets to walk and play on.

What about a chemical free or organic weed control?
Unfortunately, the only way to organically control weeds is by hand pulling. It is hard to find companies that will pull weeds for you as it is quite a laborious task.

We hope this has helped you understand more about weed control! Learn more about our services like weed control and fertilization or weed control in rock/mulch beds.

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