Is My Lawn Care Company Using Pet Safe Fertilizer?

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Pets are a huge part of our homes and families; it’s important to keep them in mind when thinking about lawn care and other home services.  We want to keep our four-legged friends safe from dangerous chemicals, so let’s talk about pet safe fertilizers and other lawn care products. Please keep in mind, not all products are the same but for this article, we will talk about the products we use every day.


Most fertilizers are non-chemical, meaning they are safe to use around pets.  You should always read the label and follow the instructions for usage if applying yourself.  Fertilizer is made from natural ingredients, like phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. Although, a pet should not eat too much fertilizer, the amount applied to fertilize a lawn should not be harmful.

Weed Control

Although most fertilizers are not chemical, unfortunately, herbicides are.  When using herbicides, it is very important to follow the safety information, whether you are a homeowner or a professional.  The best practice to keep your pets safe is to keep them off the lawn during application, for approximately an hour after, while the product dries.  Once the herbicide or weed control is sprayed onto the plant, its compounds bind with the molecular makeup of the plant, so it cannot be washed away or licked off by an animal.

What happens if my pet eats the grass?

A common question is, what if my pet eats the grass after the application?  All products sold to consumers or to licensed professionals have a “grazing allowance.”  This grazing allowance means any animal, whether it’s a house pet or livestock, can eat plants without getting sick, as long as they do not exceed the grazing allowance limit. Every product is different but the grazing allowance is greater than what a typical animal would consume.

Other Products

Fertilizer and weed control is the most commonly practised but there are many other lawn care services and types of products.  Any organic or natural products such as “Revive” is intended to be used around pets without concern.  Any products that are chemical based, such as herbicides and insecticides, should be used with caution.  Look for warning labels as an indication of the safety of the product.  If the label suggests wearing gloves but does not have any additional safety equipment required, the product is typically not dangerous.  If the product cautions to wear a hazmat suit, you may want to rethink your purchase. It is important to check all labels before using any and all products.

Ask the Experts

When deciding on lawn care, always research products yourself or ask experts.  When you are speaking to the sales representatives of the companies you are comparing, ask them what products they use and what they suggest for use around pets.  We, as a society, rely heavily on the review of others to make purchasing decisions, so why should lawn care be any different.


Reviews can be very helpful in deciding which lawn care company to use.  This will give you a good idea if the company you are looking at is honest and careful in their practices. Most reviews will not speak to the safety of their pets specifically. After a little digging, you will get an idea if the company is cautious or not.  If half the reviews are about the company causing damage to their customers’ properties; then you can guess they are not careful in what they do.  Any product or any company can advertise that they are pet safe and friendly. However, a little investigating can provide you with peace on whether the statements are true or not.


Lawn care and the safety of your pets can go hand in hand if the right precautions are taken.  Most companies care about your furry companions, as much as you do and want to keep them out of harm’s way.  Always determine if the products you or your lawn care company are using is a chemical or natural/ organic.  Your family is out of harm’s way if the products being applied are natural or organic based.  Even synthetic fertilizers derived from natural ingredients are safe.  If the products are chemical based and have large warning labels on them, it is best to keep your pets off the lawn during application until the specified time.  Most liquids will say until the product is dry and granular products suggest waiting until the granular is watered and absorbed by the soil.

Always ask the professionals you are purchasing the product from or the service providing you are contracting. Make sure to check their reviews too! Keep an eye on your pets, they will let you know if they are not feeling well. You can look into your lawn care habits, as well as everything they come into contact with on a daily basis.  We love our furry family members and we all have a shared goal to keep them safe while doing necessary lawn care.


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