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How does your lawn look right now?

It’s the perfect time of year for grass! It’s gone through a spring growth spurt and also a slowdown period from the hot summer sun. The soil is still warm from months of higher temperatures which makes it ideal for seeding.

Seeding your lawn will help thicken up bare areas and add back in the lush look to your lawn. At Erbert Lawns we recommend aerating and seeding at the same time. The aeration will break up compacted soil allowing your lawn to breathe! Then when the seed gets laid down there will be plenty of space for your lawn to share its nutrients with new grass.

We recommend aerating and seeding in the fall rather than the spring. Our reason being that we include a pre-emergent with our first round of weed control and fertilizer, which is amazing at ensuring there is no crabby crabgrass is your lawn but will also prevent any seed that is laid down from germinating. It’s just one of our many steps in helping you get the lawn of your dreams.

It is important for your lawn’s health to care about it all year. Most people feel the first chill of fall in the air and abandon their lawn instantly. They decide no more sprinklers, no more fertilizer, no more thoughts about it until the following spring. But fall is such an important time of year for grass! Its almost time for hibernation and your lawn needs to soak up as much nutrients as possible before the long winter.

Call Erbert Lawns today and schedule a fall aeration with overseed and winterizer!

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