Mulching: Why It’s Better

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For several years now, Erbert Lawns has chosen to mulch grass clippings rather than bag, for several reasons. If you’re used to bagging the clippings in your lawn, read on to see why mulching is so much better!

Mulching is a great idea because it helps provide your soil with increased ground cover, which helps your lawn hold in moisture. Clippings are 80% water, so when our mulching mowers chop them up finely and redistribute them, they actually act as nutrients for your lawn and will help it grow greener and thicker! They ALSO contain just a little bit of nitrogen, which will act as a fertilizer! Mulching will reduce the amount of water and fertilizer you need for your lawn.

Mulching is also much better environmentally – it reduces yard waste by 20-40%, and we don’t use plastic bags to haul away clippings. If we did, we would be using over 1500 plastic bags a week!! Not to mention that without all that extra weight on the truck, we reduce our fuel-imposed carbon footprint 🙂

One common misconception is that mulching causes thatching (when you have a thick layer of laid down grass that prevent water from getting to the soil) – this is NOT true! Over-watering and over-fertilizing are what really cause thatching, so if you avoid these, you should have no problem!

To sum up, mulching:

1. Nourishes soil
2. Reduces waste
3. Saves fertilizer and watering
4. Reduces carbon footprint
5. Does not cause thatching!

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