DIY Lawn Care vs Hiring a Pro

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You want a green lawn that outshines every other on the block this year. After all the work you put in completing your spring lawn care checklist, do you really want to DIY it for the next 6-8 months? Would hiring a professional really make a difference? Without a doubt.

So what can you get from a pro that you can’t get from DIY lawn care?

1) Weekends Off

After putting in the hours at your job all week, you deserve to take time for yourself or your family. You can lose a whole Saturday just researching products and buying equipment. Then lose your Sunday when you attempt to start the DIY lawn care process. By the end of the day you’ll push it to the following weekend. The next weekend will come and something outside of your control happens and you totally space on your lawn care plans. The lawn gets pushed again and again because life takes over. Now you are stuck with all this supplies and your dreams of a beautiful lawn quickly fade. Hire a pro and you’ll never have to remember to take care of your lawn. We show up every month like clockwork. On average we only get 4 weekends in a month, make the most of them.

2) A Friendly Face With All the Tips

The physical aspect of DIY lawn care in itself is time consuming sure, but the research side can hog up your time even more. There’s so much information out there. You’ll have to dig deep to find out how to best grow grass where you live and compare products to one another for quality all while being bombarded with advertisements and such. The professionals have already done the research. Our founder John Erbert started this company in 1983. Since the start his passion has been taking care of his customers with the best products and services around. You can trust that pros like us know our stuff. The team members that take care of our customers’ lawns are the same ones that care for our founder’s lawn. We take pride in what we do.

3) Green Lawn Guarantee

You can put in the work and give up your weekends to your lawn. Hours can be spent on Google looking up all the DIY lawn care tips (heck, maybe that’s how you ended up on this blog). You can definitely give it your best shot, but you cannot guarantee yourself a green lawn. As mentioned above, pros like us show up on a routine schedule. As we lay down the products in our Weed Wipe-Out and Fertilization Program we will be able to see if there are any changes happening in your lawn. If disease, pests, weather or any other stressor is affecting your lawn we can identify the problem. A professional will create an action plan with you to get your lawn back on track.

DIY lawn care can feel very rewarding when you have a lush green lawn to gaze at but it can also leave you feeling defeated if things don’t go according to plan. Putting an investment in your lawn by hiring a professional lawn care company will leave you with a remarkable lawn, a smile on your face and your neighbors green with envy.

Give Erbert Lawns a call today to set your lawn up for success this year 303-948-6631.

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