Be a Sweetheart to Your Lawn This Valentine’s Day!

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Your lawn may not be your significant other on Valentine’s Day, but just like that special someone it could benefit from tender loving care.

Erbert Lawns has recently improved our Weed Wipe Out & Fertilization program with more added benefits!

Every month during the growing season your lawn will receive an application of fertilizer and weed control. This is to a lawn like a surprise Edible Arrangement and a day at the spa is to a person. This alone will make your lawn feel pampered, but there is more!

The first round includes a pre-emergent to prevent crabgrass and other pest grasses from germinating that would dull your lawn’s shine. Right off the bat your lawn will be wowed just like your sweetie when you gift her a pair of diamond earrings.

Part of our new and improved program has an application of lawn surface insect control to zap any mites that may have been lingering on the lawn during round two. Preventative measures are key, just like when you pay for your loved one’s oil change – that’s a sweet gesture no one can say no to!

Another aspect of our new and improved program comes in round five. We decided to use a fancy new product called Hydra-Hume. This is an organic matter that acts a fertilizer booster to aid your lawn in staying lush green during the hot summer. Think of it like the hippest sun screen on the block. Your lover will thank you for keeping their skin protected when it’s most needed.

Round eight of the program includes the hands down most important fertilizer for your lawn: winterizer. This is like having an edible arrangement and a night out at All-You-Can-Eat Sushi. Before winter your lawn needs to eat like a bear to store as much nutrition as possible before going into hibernation.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to sign up for our lawn care program because next month we will be out and about caring for lawns across the Denver-Metro and you don’t want your lawn to miss out on these amazing benefits!

Call Erbert Lawns today at 303-948-6631 to give your lawn a gift that will make your neighbor’s lawn jealous!

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